Sportsbook Reviews

If you’re looking for a sportsbook, then look no further. We have reviewed the best sportsbooks for betting on NCAA basketball. They are listed below. Just click on a link to get started. Once you find a sportsbook that you think you will like, click the links on the page to visit and sign-up to that sportsbook.

Most FAQs About Choosing a Sportsbook

There are a lot of questions on how to choose a sportsbooks. I thought it would be helpful to post the questions, along with my answers, here for you to read. That way everyone can benefit from them.

We’ll update this page with new answers/questions as they come in.

How Do I Choose the Best Sportsbook?

The best sportsbooks is subjective. In other words, what do you want in a sportsbook? The best sportsbook for you will have those things.

For example, you might want a sportsbook that has/accepts/offers the following things:

  • Accepts US players.
  • Offers a deposit bonus, VIP program and regular promotions.
  • Software compatible with Macs and/or mobile devices.
  • That accepts high rollers / large bets.
  • Has deposit options you can use.
  • Has games, bets and software you like.
  • Is licensed and regulated.

Ultimately, the top sportsbook is safe and pays their players in a timely fashion.

I recommend having an account at a couple of sportsbooks so that you can spread your risk, take advantage of multiple bonuses/promotions and shop for better lines.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a common promotion from sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms. The idea behind a welcome bonus is to encourage people to sign-up and (quickly) make their first deposit. Deposit bonuses are (usually) reserved for a player’s first deposit, but some sportsbook will spread their bonuses out over multiple deposits.

A deposit bonus might look like, 100% match up to $500. That means whatever you deposit the sportsbook with match you 100%. Deposit $100, and you’ll receive $100 free. Deposit $400 and you’ll receive $400 free, and so on.

Because deposit bonuses are (usually) one time things, you’ll want to make sure that on your first deposit you deposit as much money as you can. If you can only deposit $50 this week, but waiting 2 weeks means you can deposit $200, it would make much more sense to wait to maximize the amount you can receive.

How Do Play Through Requirements Work?

Play through requirements are terms that the sportsbooks set on their bonuses that you need to complete before you can request a withdrawal. The reason why there are play through requirements is to prevent people from making a deposit to receive the bonus, then quickly withdraw without playing.

A play through requirement is usually a multiple of your bonus, or in come cases, bonus plus deposit. For example, if the sportsbook has a 6x play through on your deposit plus bonus, and you deposit $100 (for a $100 bonus), you’d have to wager $1,200. If you request a withdrawal before clearing the requirements you can lose your bonus money, as well as any winnings you earned with it.

Ideally, you find a sportsbook that makes you play through the deposit or bonus only (not both), and have the smallest multiple (1 being the lowest).

Can US Players Bet Online?

Many sportsbooks DO accept US players.

However, the majority of sportsbooks that accept US players exclude the states with the harshest laws. Meaning, if you live in a state like Maryland or Kentucky, you’ll have a harder time finding a sportsbook that will let you sign-up.

Can I Use My Mac/Linux or Mobile Device to Place Bets?

With most sportsbooks it won’t matter if you have a PC or Mac since you’ll make all of your bets on the sportsbooks’ website.

Most sportsbooks are mobile ready, too. They’ll either have a mobile version of their website or an app for you to download.

Simply put — compatibility issues are becoming a thing of the past.

What Types of Sports Can I Bet On?

I haven’t come across a sportsbook yet that doesn’t offer more than just college basketball to bet on. Nearly every book has had the option to bet on pro basketball, football, baseball, racing, boxing and martial arts. They usually have sub-categories that consist of college teams, different tours and leagues.

Many sportsbooks also offer odds on events like politics, TV shows and movies.

How Do I Make a Deposit?

Making a deposit is easy.

The options available to you will depend on the sportsbook and where you live. That’s the same for fees too. Some sportsbooks have fees, others don’t and some sportsbooks won’t charge fees if you deposit/withdrawal enough money.

Making the deposit itself is a matter of plugging in your Visa/MasterCard info, bank numbers or Neteller account information. Then waiting for your funds to clear.

One thing worth pointing out is that US bettors will have a harder time depositing/withdrawing money due to processing complications in the US market, which can lead to payments being turned down or delays in getting them approved/sent out.