Betting on Winning NCAA Basketball Coaches

In College Basketball Often the Bet is on the Coach

Their names come to mind instantly—Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Calhoun, Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Tom Izzo and Booby Knight. They are some of the elite NCAA Basketball coaches and they know how to win in the regular season and in tournament play. These are coaches on which the sports bettor can wager. But the coaches don’t do it on their own. Here’s why some coaches are simply winners.

Support from the University

Coaches that have support from their school are ahead of the game. If a university makes the basketball program a priority, then it has the chance to be a winner. It’s virtually impossible for a basketball program to succeed without backing from the institution. That’s because it’s the college that has to spend the money on top coaches and staff, training facilities and the arena. All of these things help to attract good players and that, in turn, goes a long way in creating a winning program.


Expert Recruiters

Head coaches are expert recruiters because they can first recognize talent. Also, they are able to connect with young talented players. Finally, along with being able to attract excellent talent, the topnotch coach knows how to develop the players that he recruits.


Teach More than Basketball

One of the things that you find out about winning basketball coaches is that they teach players more than just the game. Head coaches are developing reliable citizens who take responsibility and want to achieve. A small number of NCAA Basketball players ever get to the NBA and many don’t succeed at that level. Thus, they are using basketball as a teaching tool for life.


Teach through Example


The best coaches teach through example. When they do that players tend to connect more readily with the coach and are more likely to commit themselves to fulfilling the coach’s expectations. Coaches teach discipline by being disciplined and they teach players how to compete at a high level by making the commitment to do so on their own.


Smart Enough to Know they Can Fail

Along with being highly competitive, quality NCAA head coaches know that they can fail at any time. That’s important because it keeps them from becoming complacent and, once again, allows them to teach by example.


Who’s the Next Big Name?

If you’re looking for the next big name in NCAA Basketball coaching, then look for coaches who are in the situation and have the qualities discussed in this article. Technically, it is all about commitment. More often than not, you can bet on teams that are coached by guys who are totally committed on various levels.