Your NCAA Basketball Tool Chest

What You Need to Ensure You’re a Winner

NCAA Basketball offers bettors thousands of wagering opportunities each and every season. Of course, you can’t make all of those bets. In fact, you don’t want to make all of the available bets. If you did, you’d lose your shirt. What a smart sports bettor does is make quality wagers and while doing so uses smart money management skills.

In order to make the most out of your NCAA Basketball wagering opportunities, you want to utilize various tools that will help you make wise handicapping decisions. Here are five tools that will aid you in your sports betting business.

NCAA Basketball Site

The NCAA offers information on all of its sports, including men’s basketball. Go to the men’s basketball page where you’ll find stats, video, history, schedules and more.

You can have direct access to games, team websites, rankings and blogs. Important news stories, features and much more are right there at the NCAA Basketball site. Take advantage of this direct link to college basketball.

Sports Websites

Fox, CBS and ESPN are the top sites around for sports and all offer excellent free information on NCAA Basketball. For a small yearly fee, you can also access handicapping tools and exclusive articles and columns.

Of course, each site offers breaking news, previews and matchups for individual games. If you’re going to bet on NCAA Basketball, you must visit these sites each and every day from September through April and twice a week from May through August.

Season Previews

As mentioned above, you’ll find season previews on the major sports websites. These are important. But don’t forget to fork over a few bucks and buy some of the print magazines that offer previews. Publishers include Lindy’s, Sporting News, Beckett, USA Today and Athion.

You should purchase from three to six of the most important magazines. These come out in late September and early October and will give you a solid foundation for the upcoming season. They also make great references throughout the season.

Individual Team Sites

These include sites that are directly connected to the school and those that are connected to sports websites such as Fox, CBS and ESPN. Individual sites will give you in-depth information on each team that you can use to track trends, evaluate stats and connect to breaking team news.

Sports Handicappers

You may want to pay for sports picks. Why should you do so? A good handicapping site with value based pricing can help keep you on track throughout the season. Search the Internet and investigate various sports pick services.

A solid sports pick service will offer a guarantee for free future picks if their advice does not payoff. Pick providers should present you with an ongoing supply of point spread picks that includes how many units you should wager on each bet and an explanation of why they are choosing a particular team or over/under.

Sports Betting is Work

The NCAA Basketball season starts in November and runs through April. It’s a long season that requires your ongoing attention day after day. Follow the sport, keep track of your expenses, wins and loses and wager wisely. And make sure you use as many tools as you can. This will ensure that you’re making knowledgeable bets based on solid information; that’s the best way to make money when wagering on NCAA Basketball.