Player Matchups and College Basketball Betting

In the NCAA Player Matchups Can be the Difference

It’s important when betting on NCAA Basketball that sports bettors consider how players will matchup, looking for the one or two guys who can make a difference in a game. What we are going to look at in this article is what you should consider in determining which matchups may turn the tide in a specific game. We won’t be comparing players by position so much as player skills, attributes and talents that can alter a matchup.

Speed and Quickness

If a player can run the court well using overwhelming speed, they can control the tempo of the game. Add to that quickness, the ability to make a move in a split second, and you have someone who can simply dominate a slower, less effective player. This type of mismatch can lead to one team leaving another in the dust.

Big Guys with Moves and Good Hands

In NCAA Basketball, a big guy in the frontcourt who has good moves can simply control the game. Often he’ll draw double coverage, opening another player up for a clear shot. If they are an able ball handler too and can dish it off or kick it out, that big guy who is drawing all of the attention can become a pure generator of offense.

Leaping Ability

If there’s a matchup where one guy has superior leaping ability, this can lead to a big difference on both ends of the court. This ability can be either in a player in the frontcourt or backcourt. This leads to better shooting opportunities and more effective shot blocking and rebounding.

Quick Transitions

Players that can make quick transitions from defense to offense and vice versa can control a game’s ebb and flow. If they are playing against someone who is deficient in this area, it means that they hold a physical and mental edge. Such players can take advantage of quick shifts such as steals, defensive rebounds and blocks, turning them into points.

Full Court Vision

Again, full court vision can pertain to any player but it is especially appropriate to the point guard who needs to be able to see plays and opportunities as they are developing. These players are able to anticipate what it going to happen next and where they should get the ball to in order to give the team the best chance of scoring.

NCAA Basketball Matchups

In NCAA Basketball, unlike the NBA, matchups can often lead to huge discrepancies between teams. These will often lead to one team having a big advantage over another. There are certain player attributes that can lead to these mismatches. Understanding how these mismatches work and how they can effect the outcome of a contest are essential to your making smart wagers on NCAA Basketball games.