NCAA Basketball: Teams and Conference Play to Bet On

Some Teams are Consistent Winners for the Smart Sports Bettor

NCAA Basketball offers bettors many different opportunities to make cash. When clubs switch from nonconference play to conference contests there are some things to look for when trying to determine which teams are your best bet. Usually you can find two to four clubs who will payoff consistently throughout the season.

Considering Conferences that are Highly Competitive

Sometimes the conferences that are loaded with highly competitive teams, such as the Big East, are not the best on which to wager. Leagues where half of the teams look to be NCAA Tournament bound will feature a lot of games that are close to call. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a team to consistently wager on in these conferences. But you do need to consider a few things in choosing a club from such a league.

Every team’s schedule, even in conference play, is different and sometimes one top team will have an easier conference schedule than another. Look for the club that has the easier schedule. This will work in your favor in two ways.

First, the team with the easier schedule will have less wear-and-tear, giving them a better chance of winning. Second, a premium team that plays an easier schedule simply has a better chance of winning each and every night.

Teams that Have Experience

Some of the best NCAA Basketball teams for you can wager on throughout the season are those that welcome back a strong core of experienced starters. If a team has primarily highly talented freshmen and sophomores, they will tend to make more mistakes, especially late in the game. Teams with experienced players tend be to easier to evaluate and they usually have a better chance of winning.

NCAA Basketball Teams with Dominant Physical Players

If a team can bang inside with big-bodied guys, they will usually dominate other smaller clubs. Big frontcourts can simply wear down and outplay smaller frontcourts. It helps if they can score too.

The Big “D”

If a team can score points, that’s great. But for a team to win consistently they need guys who can steal the ball, block shots and force turnovers. These teams tend to be more disciplined and play overall more consistent basketball.

Conferences that are Light on Top

There are some conferences that have fewer premium teams and that means that one or two clubs will dominate all the others. Thus, a team like Duke in the Atlantic Coast Conference will have a good chance of winning most of its conference games because there’s less competition within their conference.

Spread Beaters

Finally, in looking for teams on which you want to wager throughout the season you want to go with those who are not just winners but also spread beaters. You’ll want to consider this aspect in overall conference play and also in individual matchups that have occurred over the past five years. Teams that have a solid history of beating the spread will usually continue to do so.

NCAA Basketball Teams Will Falter

One thing to remember is that no team is perfect or invincible. You can’t win every bet you make and that means that once you find the teams you want to ride throughout the season, you still need to do your homework for each and every game. There are times when those teams that beat the spread without fail will falter and disappoint. Your job is to determine when that is going to happen.