Offense Versus Defense in NCAA Basketball

Which is More Important to the College Basketball Bettor?

So often in sports we say that defense beats offense. That certainly seems to be the case in NCAA Basketball. No matter how many points a team can score, if they can’t stop the other guy from scoring, they tend to have a tough time winning. Here are some aspects of each side of the ball that you want to look for when wagering on college basketball.

Frontcourt Offense

On offense, the frontcourt is instrumental. What you’re looking for are three guys who work well as a team. One dominant guy who can bang the boards and score inside, usually the center or power forward, and another player who can score at the post position or pop out and hit a three, usually the small or power forward. If you have that on offense in the frontcourt, you’re off to a good start.

Offensive Rebounding

Offensive rebounding is important because it gives teams second shots, which usually translates into points. Additionally, a team that excels in offensive rebounding usually has their players in the right spot to attempt a high percentage second shot. A team that has two players whose offense rebounds equal half or close to half of their overall rebounds tend to be strong in this area.

Point Guard and Shooting Guard

Teams that have good ball movement usually take better shots. That is, shots which are likely to result in points. This essential ball movement starts with the point guard. You want to bet on teams that have point guards that average five or more assists per game. Also, look at the point man’s turnover ratio. Point guards that give the ball up a lot are major problems.

The shooting guard needs to be consistent from the floor. If a shooting guard hits around 40% to 45% of their shots from the floor and at least 37% of their threes, they’re going to give you points.

The Big Man Factor

On defense, big men who are good leapers tend to be avid shot blockers and those with quick hands are solid ball stealers. These guys, who are able to transition quickly from offense to defense, can be huge difference makers, taking six to 12 points away from the opposition. Any upfront player who blocks or steals 1.50 or more shots or balls per game can be an important defensive factor.

Tenacious Defense

With tenacious defense, you’re looking for teams that play “D” from one end of the court to the other, featuring a backcourt that can steal the ball and convert that steal into fast break points. Once again, if you have a guard or better yet two that causes more turnovers than they make, you have an important ingredient when it comes to betting on a winner.

NCAA Basketball is a Balance

What you really want when it comes to betting on NCAA Basketball is a team that offers balance on offense and defense. Big guys in the frontcourt who are athletic and commanding and fast, sure-handed shooters in the backcourt are both essential when it comes to wagering on college basketball. Which is more important in NCAA Basketball—offense or defense? Neither as both are essential.