March Madness and Betting Game by Game

How to Make the Most of March Madness

If you’re looking to make cash on March Madness, then the thing to do is to bet on single games and not brackets. The bracket game is really an exercise in guesswork, while single game betting involves analysis and skill. In this article, we’re going to consider what types of games you should bet on in the big NCAA Basketball tournament.

Bet on Teams You Know

You have been following various teams throughout the regular and conference tournament seasons and you should use that information to its fullest. If you have no idea about the makeup of a team, then roll up your sleeves and do some research or skip the game. In round one you’re looking to wager on from eight to 12 games.

Stay Away from Round One 8 & 9 Seeds

The eight and nine matchups in round one are simply too close to call. You’re better off betting on a 12 or 11 seed upsetting five or six seed. That happens a lot. The good thing about betting on a 12th or 11th seed is that they will be given points. So you actually have a decent chance of making money on those bets whether they win or not.

The Spread, the Spread, the Spread

The spread in the 16 versus the one seed games can be massive. These are tough bets to win. If there’s a huge mismatch and the spread isn’t outrageous, then go for it.

The thing to remember about the spread is you want to be able to see it to your advantage. In order to do so, you have to find three to four salient facts, usually statistical, that allow you to pick which side of the spread on which the game will fall. You want to as close to certain as you can be regarding this.

Round Two Spoiler

If there is a spoiler in round two and they are still the underdog, you may just want to go with them. That low seed may be given a wealth of points and there’s a decent chance that they will make that second game close. If that team gets to the Sweet 16, then go with them again in that round. Ride them until they’re out.

Stay in the NCAA Basketball Tournament

You want to be in the tournament for the long run. That means carefully choosing on which games you’re going to bet. If you lose a few, you should not go wild trying to make up for lost ground. Keep your focus and use you analytical chops to get back on track.