Betting on NCAA Basketball Futures

How College Basketball Futures Work

Futures betting involves choosing an outcome long in advance of that outcome, often long before the season starts. It is, in essence, a sports bettor’s attempt to see into the future—to be the mystic.  Futures, especially NCAA Basketball futures, pay well and for this reason, they can be an attractive wager. However, as it is with other exotics, these are very difficult bets to win. Here’s a look at how college basketball futures work.


NCAA Basketball Futures Timeline


College basketball futures for the next season usually come out right after the championship has been decided for the present year. Usually you can find futures a few days to a few weeks after the big tournament.

The most common NCAA Basketball future you’ll find involves choosing who will win the national title. One thing to realize about the futures’ timeline is that as the season gets closer and once play begins, the odds will change. As it becomes clearer as to which teams have the better chance of winning the title and which do not, the odds start to fluctuate.


How They Work

There are usually around 60 NCAA Basketball teams listed on a futures ticket plus one more wager that may be placed on the “rest of the field.” Odds range from 4/1 to 1,500/1. Obviously, a bet placed on even a favorite results in a decent payout and a team that has a semi-decent shot at the championship, which would be listed at around 10/1, offers even more cash.

Here’s the problem with NCAA Basketball futures—there are too many teams listed to make the risk worthwhile. You have a much better chance of hitting NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL futures due to the fact that you’ve got about 30 less teams to choose from, and it’s fairly easy to eliminate many of those professional clubs from the mix.


How to Play NCAA Basketball Futures

Play college basketball early when you can get the best odds. Don’t invest a lot of cash in them but be sure to take some time to hedge your bets. If you have $100 to wager, then divide that cash into 10 units at $10 each and then bet on three to four teams. Place more cash on the favorites and less on the underdogs as that will work to protect your investment a bit.

Finally, expect to lose each and every bet. If you’re wagering on NCAA Basketball futures do not look at it as a moneymaker. Think of it as a fun bet that you’re going to forget about until the season is over. Concentrate on making cash throughout the season through knowledgeable, disciplined betting. That’s the best way to approach futures.