Betting on the Dark Horse in March Madness

There Are Some Low Seeds Worth Considering in the NCAA Tournament

A few years ago in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, 11th seed George Mason made it to the Final Four and in 2002 12th seed Missouri got to the Elite Eight.  Those were great teams on which to bet. There are various dark horses that can payoff big throughout the tournament.

For our purposes a dark horse does not have to win the game to be a good bet. They simply need to cover with the spread intact. Thus, in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, you’re looking for low seeds that will win either with or without the spread.

Stay Away from these Teams

In round one, stay away from 16 seeds. They are too risky. Also, don’t wager on the games that feature the eight and nine seeds. These are too unpredictable. Otherwise, all other games are wide open.

Size Matters?

If a low seed is meeting a high seed and that low seed is filled with small players upfront, then consider going with the favored team. But if a low seed seems to matchup against the higher seed in terms of bulk and height or if they have a really explosive three-point game, then they may generate enough points to make you a winner with the spread.

Foul or Not?

If you find a low seed that is very disciplined in that they commit very few fouls, then consider betting on them. Likewise, if they are able to draw fouls by taking the ball to the basket and have excellent foul shooters, then give them a good, long look too.

Deep Bench and Vets

Look for teams that have deep benches and veteran players. If they were at the Big Dance the year before, that’s also good. Especially consider these low seeds if they are going against a high seed that is relatively inexperienced. Basically, you’re betting on the glare of the lights here and the fact that players who have been to March Madness before tend to do well the next time.

Solid Coaches

Coaching is extremely important in the big tournament. If a coach has been to the Big Dance numerous times, they often do well even with a low seed. You want a coach that can keep his cool, is a solid tactician and knows how to work his bench and the clock. They can work wonders.

Riding the Dark Horse

You may ride various dark horses throughout the tournament. You’re not looking for teams that will win. You want clubs that can make a game of it, keeping it relatively close.