Betting on NCAA Conference Tournaments

The Tournaments Before the Big Dance

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this guide, NCAA Basketball offers sports bettors four seasons—regular season nonconference play, regular season conference play, conference tournaments and postseason tournaments. In this article we’re going to consider some tips regarding NCAA conference tournaments.

Track Record

The good thing about conference play is many if not all of the teams have played each other at least once during the regular season. This does vary a bit depending upon the conference. Using these past matchups can be helpful to a degree. The first thing to do is analyze those games, considering when they were played in the season and any changes that have occurred since the two teams met.


The Spreads

Also make sure you consider whether or not the spread was covered in those specific games and also a team’s overall ability to cover or beat the spread in conference play. Compare the spread for the conference tournament and if it is drastically different than the spread for the regular season contest.

If they are quite different, the primary thing you have to do is determine why they are. Have there been personnel changes, has one team been on a streak or the other in a slump or has a club either over achieved or not met expectations?


On the Line

Does a team have something on the line in the tournament? If a club has already earned a trip to the Big Dance prior to the conference tournament and they’re seemingly exhausted or nursing injuries might they be running on low for the tourney. This can happen and it can lead to upsets.



Go down the injury list and make notes regarding players who are out since the teams last met. Also consider players who may be playing hurt or who are questionable. Prior to making a bet be sure to get as clear a picture as you can regarding a team’s injury status.

Foul Shooting

You certainly need to crunch numbers in every area of offense and defense but there are four areas you don’t want to gloss over and they involve foul shooting. Tournament play can be exhausting and intensive and often a game is won or lost in the final minutes at the foul line. Consider the following:

  • How many times on average a team gets to the foul line.
  • How accurate they are as free throw shooters.
  • How often they send opponents to the charity stripe.
  • How well those opponents take advantage of their opportunity to shoot frees.

Once again, you want to consider the two teams that are meeting and look for any mismatches that could lead to foul situations.

NCAA Conference Tourney Opportunities

There’s a solid week or so of massive wagering opportunities when NCAA Basketball holds its conference championship tournaments. There’s often a lot on the line and with March Madness right around the corner you can get a decent idea about how teams and individual players respond to pressure. Prior to betting, you need to carefully research each matchup. This will give you the best chance of making some cash during tourney time.