NCAA Basketball Betting Guide

NCAABasketballBetting.Org Presents its College Basketball Betting Guide

At NCAABasketballBetting.Org, we are focused on college basketball. College basketball is an exciting sport that features fast breaks, intense big bodied play and dazzling shots from downtown. With a season that starts in early November and runs into early April, there’s challenging regular season nonconference and conference play, league tournaments and, of course, the Big Dance—the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s a long, hard and thrilling road to the final matchup where the National Championship is decided.

NCAABasketballBetting.Org is dedicated to ensuring that sports bettors understand the basics and intricacies of wagering on this great sport. With hundred of games played each week there’s ample opportunity for bettors to make cash. That is as long as you have the necessary knowledge to make the most of the NCAA Basketball season.

To that end NCAABasketballBetting.Org has created the NCAA Basketball Betting Guide. Our goal was to develop a resource that could be useful to the beginning bettor while also being informative to those who have been wagering on NCAA Basketball for some time. We know that you’ll find information on college basketball betting at other sites but there’s none as comprehensive and accessible as what you’ll find at NCAABasketballBetting.Org.

Use this page to connect with our unique NCAA Basketball Betting Guide. You’ll find more than 25 detailed chapters focusing on various subjects, including types of bets, money management principles, regular season wagering strategies and tips on betting on March Madness.

Our NCAA Basketball Betting Guide’s Organization


Our NCAA Basketball Betting Guide is divided into four sections—Betting Basics, Money Management, Season Strategies and Tips and Wagering and March Madness. Each section provides you with the comprehensive information you need to make you a winner.

Betting Basics Section


The first section of NCAABasketballBetting.Org’s betting guide focuses on elemental but important information that everyone who wants to bet on NCAA Basketball must know.  You’ll gain insight into moneylines, point spreads, parlays and much more.  We explain how you should play the parlay, the manner in which the over/under is determined and what wagering tools are available to you on the Interent.


Money Management is Key


One thing we know for sure when it comes to sports betting—money management is an essential skill that needs to be developed in order to succeed. For someone to be successful at sports betting they must treat it like a business. We show you how to utilize your funds during the long regular season and when betting on the big NCAA Basketball Tournament.

We explain how to make quality wagers and how to determine how many units to spend on specific situations. offers money management principles that will help make you a winner, giving you the biggest bang for your betting buck that you’ll find anywhere.

Wagering on the Regular NCAA Basketball Season


Our Season Strategies and Tips section contains over 10 chapters. It includes information related to nonconference and conference play, tells how to utilize matchups and informs you regarding the importance of various aspects of the game such as rebounding, foul shooting and shooting from the three-point arc. Use this important section throughout the season to keep you on track and to hone your handicapping skills.


Betting on the NCAA Basketball Tournament ‘s final section of our NCAA Basketball Betting Guide includes six chapters devoted to March Madness. The Big Dance is a unique and complex single-elimination tournament that includes upsets, blowouts and last second heroics. Each year it delivers memorable thrills and highlights. It is also a very rich venue for sports bettors. We’ll tell you how to exploit it.

Using the NCAA Basketball Betting Guide


Our NCAA Basketball Betting Guide will give you a unique edge. Take time to read each chapter and to bookmark this page, using our guide throughout the season. Our betting guide is devoted to helping make you a savvy handicapper and successful bettor.

Betting Basics

Chapter 1: NCAA Basketball Betting Opportunities

Chapter 2: NCAA Basketball and the Point Spread

Chapter 3: The Moneyline and College Basketball

Chapter 4: The Over/Under in College Basketball

Chapter 5: NCAA Basketball and Parlay Challenges

Chapter 6: Betting on NCAA Basketball Futures

Chapter 7: Your NCAA Basketball Tool Chest

Money Management


Chapter 8: NCAA Basketball: Great Expectations from Your Bankroll

Chapter 9: Managing Your Weekly College Basketball Bankroll

Chapter 10: NCAA Basketball: Tracking Expenses, Losses and Profits

Chapter 11: Money Management During March Madness


Season Strategies and Tips


Chapter 12: How to Handicap a NCAA Basketball Game

Chapter 13: NCAA Basketball: Rating the Conferences

Chapter 14: College Basketball: Out-of-Conference Play

Chapter 15: NCAA Basketball: Teams and Conference Play to Bet On

Chapter 16: Betting on College Basketball Conference Tournaments

Chapter 17: Offense Versus Defense in NCAA Basketball

Chapter 18: Player Matchups and College Basketball Betting

Chapter 19: NCAA Basketball: The Three-Point Advantage

Chapter 20: College Basketball: Betting on the Inside Game

Chapter 21: Betting on Winning NCAA Basketball Coaches

Chapter 22: College Basketball: The Accuracy of the Spread


Wagering and March Madness

Chapter 23: NCAA Basketball Tournament: Betting Brackets

Chapter 24: March Madness and Wagering on Repeat Champs

Chapter 25: March Madness and Betting Game by Game

Chapter 26: Characteristics of Schools that Go Deep into March Madness

Chapter 27: Betting on the Dark Horse in March Madness

Chapter 28: Sane Betting During March Madness